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Meet LivenPay

The LivenPay platform and payment gateway are fully operational in market and processing millions monthly in digital currency payments. The implementation of a new network token, LVN enables not only an engaged active retail customer base of 300,000 and over 1000 market leading retail brands to transact and be rewarded in a blockchain-based virtual asset, but introduces a revolutionary new way for retail brands to market and incentivise - bringing an exciting and engaging use case to the world of blockchain technology.



The Liven Platform enables crypto-payments to be simplified and facilitated through traditional financial infrastructure, bringing never before seen accessibility and a clear consumer use case to daily transactions for mass consumption.

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The Liven Network is a three part ecosystem: With the consumer at the heart, the Liven platform acts as an incentive based payment network, an always-on marketing solution for small businesses and a passive fundraising tool for charities.

As Liven Tokens flow freely througout the ecosystems major nodes, consumers and businesses alike can exchange LVN freely in a speculative market and have the opportunity to benefit from supply and demand dynamics.

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The LVN Token

The LVN Token is a network utility reward token built on the foundation of Liven’s overwhelmingly successful network credit currency ‘Liven Cash’. Rewarded to users when transacting, and already accepted by thousands of merchants as a whole or split payment currency. The network value of LVN is dynamically fixed to the reward curve, an algorithm that adjusts the spending power of LVN to be greater as more rewards are paid out to customers.

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The Reward Protocol and The LivenPay API

At the core of the LivenPay project sits the Reward Protocol and the LivenPay API, respectively a decentralised mechanism for distributing variable LVN as rewards for transactions, while dynamically adjusting the value of LVN, and, a crypto-payments API for small businesses, enabling fiat, cryptocurrency, or mixed payments, rewards, and wallet facilities.

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Tech stack desktop



  • LivenPay Beta Launch

    Beta launch of fiat mobile payment product (LivenPay) enabling consumers to make incentivised mobile payments at point of sale in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Beta Currency Trial, Sydney Launch

    Beta launch of Liven Cash - internal network credit mechanic for smarter incentives. Launch in Sydney, Australia as second operating market.

  • Major Brand Partnerships

    Signs payments partnership with major Australian and international retail brands (300 stores). Major product update - new payment flow, one-tap quick payments, curated discovery system, and GPS enabled payment security features.

  • User Growth Milestone

    Signs payments partnership with further major retailers (additional 300 stores). Userbase ticks over the 200,000 mark across the two cities.


  • Beta Completion

    Completion of LivenPay beta payments trial with retail brands, commence development on full product release.

  • Blockchain Transition Announced

    Announce blockchain- based network cryptocurrency - LVN. Major product release featuring new codebase, entirely rebuilt user interface, alpha ‘LVN Wallet’, bluetooth ibeacon proximity sensor for payment security maximisation. More brands join and development of functional cryptocurrency wallet commences.

  • ICO Launch

    Announces plans to launch ICO on the back of major success with over 1000 business partners and a user base surpassing 250,000, beta testing crypto-payment solution with select retailers.

  • ICO Completion

    Completion of ICO, achieve technical reach of 100,000 retail venues via API integration partners. Completion of LVN wallet beta test and begin rollout of payment rails to entire network.


  • UK Expansion

    Launch product in London, UK. LivenPay ecosystem expanded to over 10,000 venues.

  • Self-Serve Portal

    Beta launch of Liven Cash - internal network credit mechanic for smarter incentives. Launch in Sydney, Australia as second operating market.

  • Dynamic/Gamified Rewards

    Full release of Liven 7.0 redesigned from the ground up as the world’s first real world incentive based transactional ‘game’ - meaning dynamic incentives, rewards, achievements, unlocks, Gacha, and many other key mechanics at the core to maximise user and business engagement.


  • Travel, South East Asia, and Software Integrations

    Introduction of own designed fiat payment architecture, socialised financial services such as peer to peer lending or staking of funds held, and integration into larger business and marketing platforms such as CRM, Adobe AEM, Mulesoft, and accounting softwares. Expansion into further markets such as South East Asia, South America, and Europe. Expansion into travel industry with integration to native and third party booking and accomodation services.

The Founders

William Wong



William has degrees in Law, Politics, Banking and Finance and Computer Science. He spent 6 years as a commercial lawyer and consulted for hundreds of restauranteurs which provided deep insights into the hospitality industry. He has spoken as a thought leader for reputable institutions such as the Government of Victoria, General Assembly, and Mayfair 101 and was included in the SmartCompany Smart 30 Under 30 (2018).

Grace Wong



Grace is the natural spokesperson of Liven, speaking as its representative at local universities, international conferences, and private investor summits. In 2016, Liven was invited as an industry leader to speak at a Parliamentary Inquiry and Grace represented the company as one the the top startups in Australia. Grace has also won various industry and tech awards including the 2018 B&T 30 under 30 and 2018 SmartCompany Smart 30 Under 30.

Dr. David Ballerini, PhD



David is an engineer who has authored more than 10 scientific journal papers with over 900 citations, is listed as an inventor on 3 patents, has been recipient of various awards including the Australian Museum Eureka Prize and Smart Company Smart 30 Under 30, and has presented at several International Conferences, as well as advising an Australian Parliament Standing Committee on Education and Innovation.

Cheng Chi



Cheng is Liven’s lead developer and Chief Technology Officer, responsible for building Liven’s platform from the ground up. He graduated from his Bachelor of Technology (Computing) as the dux of his class and then Master of Computing degree with honours. Cheng is a talented full-stack developer with extensive experience in languages such as Java, Kotlin, Python, and JavaScript.

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Lon Wong

Strategic Advisor


Lon is the Founder and CEO of ProximaX, and the first President of the ( Foundation. He spent close to 4 years - from 2014-2018 - in the development of the NEM project, helping to nurture it to become the top two performing cryptocurrency by market appreciation in 2017. He had been instrumental in contributing to the best-of-breed design of the NEM blockchain solution.

JP Thor

Technical Advisor


JP studied aeronautical engineering and was an operational Air Force pilot. He is now founder and CEO of CanYa, a decentralised ecosystem for peer to peer services. He is also the co-founder of Tokenbooks a fully-featured crypto accounting and treasury management solution and the founding director of MasterNode Ventures, a full-stack blockchain advisory services company.

James Waugh

Technical Advisor


James has been embedded in the cryptocurrency and ICO space since the Ethereum network launch. After contributing to 50+ ICO’s, James has been advising on ICO best practices, token economics, smart contract architecture and community building. James is also involved with the Blockchain Association of New Zealand and is heavily involved in the Australian ICO space.


Finacial Advisor


James is founder of Mayfair 101, a boutique investment group with a portfolio spanning more than 10 countries. Having co-founded and scaled a digital marketing company that he subsequently listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), he has substantial commercial experience in local and overseas markets in investment management, mergers & acquisitions, IPOs, ICOs and high growth businesses.

Michael Bacina

Legal Advisor


Michael provides clients a valuable advantage in dealing with the legal issues around cryptocurrency and blockchain. Michael has a wealth of experience in commercial negotiations, litigation, construction, strata and insolvency. He leverages his past experience as a former software developer and his international legal experience gained working for boutique and national law firms in both Australia and Canada.

Nick Bell

Strategic Advisor


Nick is recognised as one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs under the age of 40 and was recently listed on the BRW Young Rich List with a self-made fortune of $114 million. With a start-up capital of only $400, Nick’s group of companies that offer app development, digital marketing, website hosting, domains and website security now turn over more than $75 million world-wide.